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Bond Insurance protects you if you own bonds or securities and the issuer goes into payment default. These policies ensure that you continue to receive your scheduled interest payments and principal on the bond or security. Call our office today for more information.

Serving Texas For All Of Your Bond Insurance Needs

When it comes to providing bonds to Texas small and large businesses we specialize in the following:

  • Contract Bond - a bond that will guarantee that a contract holding entity will meet its obligations as stated in the contract.
  • Subdivision Bonds - state, county or municipal specifications for developers to make certain land improvements.
  • Commercial Surety Bond - numerous types of surety bonds that are required of individuals or businesses.
  • License & Permit Bonds - bonds that guarantee those license holders or permit holders will meet the obligations under that license or permit
  • Court Bond - probate, fiduciary & immigration bonds that guarantee an individual will comply with the set terms of the court.


With over 30 years of experience in the Insurance Industry, Jones Insurance Services provides a professional and personalized approach to all of your Insurance Needs. Our extensive coverage options and product availability make us uniquely qualified to help you find the right insurance coverage for personal or commercial needs. We are located in Central Texas and serve clients throughout Texas. Let Jones Insurance Services make a difference for you!

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