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Planning a trip to Mexico?

If you are driving more than 10 miles south of the border, your U.S. car insurance policy will not cover you. You must purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy to have coverage. With our trusted partner, MexiPass, you can get Mexican Insurance…The American Way!

MexiPass revolutionized the way that Americans buy insurance for Mexico and the quality of coverage that they receive. Before MexiPass, Mexican insurance was only available through a few suppliers at the border or in Mexico who sold policies that were not suited specifically to the needs of Americans. Americans had to buy their policies at the last minute and had no way of knowing what kind of coverage they were paying for.

MexiPass products include personal insurance programs for automobiles, boats, homes and family protection for American residents abroad; as well as comprehensive business and commercial insurance solutions for the property, liability and automobile risks of American entities operating in Mexico and other foreign countries.

A higher number of Americans are traveling to Mexico than ever before. Commercial and Personal insurance lines are available from MexiPass to meet the demand for Mexican Insurance, and because MexiPass has developed relationships with the top insurance providers in Mexico, their policies have already been tested, fine-tuned to meet American needs, and translated into clear English.

Why MexiPass?
Best Products & Services
American Standards of Coverage
Solid International Companies
International Experience & Know-How
Claims handled by USA Adjusters
· U.S. Standards of coverage; Broad liability and comprehensive and collision coverage
· Legal Defense in Mexico
· Generous travel package, including roadside assistance and other coverages for your trip to Mexico
· Meet all Mexican legal requirements
· Repair options in Mexico or in the USA
· Claim must be filed in Mexico before returning to the USA