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Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance comes in several different forms. Errors & Omissions Coverage – also referred to as E&O Insurance – protects your business against lawsuits that claim that a service you provided caused a customer to incur financial damage because you either made a mistake or failed to perform the service. Directors and Officer’s Liability Insurance – also referred to as D&O Insurance – covers the directors and officers of a company (and/or the business itself) against claims that a client or customer incurred financial damage due to decisions made by those managers of the company. Fidelity Insurance – also known as a “Fidelity Bond” — insures a business owner against employee theft. Pollution Liability Policies are designed for companies dealing with environmental concerns and provide coverage for the environmental consequences that might result from operating or owning a site or facility. Contact our office today to find out which Professional Liability Policy is best for you and your business.

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