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Restaurant Insurance

As is the case with so many industries, business owners of restaurants, bars, and taverns incur certain risks that other business owners do not. Our Restaurant Insurance provides General Liability Coverage related to property damage, personal or bodily injury, as well as Inventory Insurance, which covers costs associated with spoilage of food. Also, we offer Liquor Liability Insurance that is designed for owners of bars and taverns. These policies protect you and your business in instances where property damage or bodily injury is caused by an intoxicated person – specifically one whom you sold liquor to.

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With over 30 years of experience in the Insurance Industry, Jones Insurance Services provides a professional and personalized approach to all of your Insurance Needs. Our extensive coverage options and product availability make us uniquely qualified to help you find the right insurance coverage for personal or commercial needs. We are located in Central Texas and serve clients throughout Texas. Let Jones Insurance Services make a difference for you!

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